Why Do You Need Storage?

Big decisions are made in summer. This is mainly because the majority of people have more time off and more freedom to travel or remain at home if needed. Schools are closed, and some businesses may see a seasonal lull before it gets busier. It’s not uncommon, for example, to see people moving to new… Read more »

Self-Storage For Extended Road Trips

Many things have changed in the way we work and live. Remote work has expanded, allowing people to reconsider their home space and even use such opportunities to combine travel and work. If you plan to be away from home for an extended period, self-storage can provide a solution for some of your needs. Rent… Read more »

Moving in May?

National Moving Month is celebrated in May. We’ve talked about this particular observation before, though we believe some points bear repeating. After the events of this past year, it stands to reason that we will see an uptick in moving activity, here and throughout the country. Of course, self-storage can play an important role in… Read more »

It’s Stress Awareness Month

April is National Stress Awareness Month, a time to contemplate how stress can affect physical and mental health. This past year aside, it often isn’t difficult to pinpoint the causes of our stress. Pressure at work, financial issues and health concerns all play a role. At home, the one place where we expect not to… Read more »

Spring Into Self-Storage

Spring cleaning is important in that it not only removes the clutter from your home, it relieves tensions at home. Consider the past year… has the house or apartment become overrun with more belongings as you adjusted to telecommuting or other lifestyle changes?  Renting a storage unit now, as the spring clean season hits, may… Read more »

Secure Your Hobbies With Self-Storage

Did you take up a new interest in 2020 while you stayed at home? Hobbies like knitting, woodworking and music have a way of helping us express creativity, and they can encourage us to stay positive when life presents challenges. January is National Hobby Month — if you do not have one to enjoy in… Read more »

Tips For Re-Organizing Your Unit

However long you’ve had a self-storage unit — a few months, a few years — it’s good to set aside at least one day a year to visit when you don’t need to retrieve or deliver inventory. Your self-storage unit is an extension of your home in some ways, and just as you would clean… Read more »

Self-Storage for Writers

Have you ever wanted to write a book? It’s a dream for many people; all one needs is an idea and the time to do it. Every November, aspiring scribes around the country participate in the National Novel Writing Month challenge, the goal being fifty thousand words written over thirty days. Amateur writers and published… Read more »

Make Halloween Decorating Less Scary

Is this the year you buy the twelve-foot skeleton for your Halloween yard display?  We can understand if homeowners wish to go big on holiday decorations to make up for pandemic restrictions. While a giant lawn skeleton may help make your home the scariest on the block, the prospect of packing it up and finding… Read more »

Tips For Using a Moving Truck

The first question you may ask once you’ve rented a self-storage unit in Chesapeake is, “What’s the best way to get all my stuff here?” Moving surplus furniture, clothing and other items into storage takes time and work, and you may be inclined to accomplish the task in one trip. Once you’ve secured friends or… Read more »