Relax – Reliable Self-Storage Is Here

Since this Saturday is National Relaxation Day, it’s a good time to reflect on how Chesapeake self-storage can contribute to a life of comfort. It’s no secret that Eden Way Storage Center offers a convenient location, climate-controlled units, and affordable rates – not to mention discounts for new renters and military. When you come to… Read more »

Get Ready For Hurricane Season

Weather doesn’t stop for a pandemic. It’s great that we’re all doing our best to lessen the spread of COVID in the Hampton Roads area, but when a tropical storm approaches we have to consider other safety plans. At Eden Way Storage Center, we are happy to help our tenants make the most of their… Read more »

June is National Safety Month

The National Safety Council reports that over 46 million injuries occurred in 2018, with a good percentage of them happening at home. This June, the NSC promotes National Safety Month to raise awareness of injury prevention. For those who use self-storage regularly, it’s as important to observe safety measures on the property as it is… Read more »

How Self-Storage Helps You Move

May is National Moving Month. This May, however, it is likely to work differently for people given the circumstances. The coronavirus pandemic has postponed many events related to moving, like home sales and rentals. Normally at this time, too, college students would be preparing to come home and looking for trucks to rent or family… Read more »

Using Self-Storage During Self-Isolation

As our community observes social distancing and other practices to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we at Eden Way Storage Center are committed to doing our part. Tenants may pay rental fees for their units through our website, and presently we offer different options for contactless customer service.  With the current stay-at-home order… Read more »

These Three Things Happen When You Use Self-Storage

We’ve sprung forward in time, the days are longer, and soon thoughts will turn to the honey-do lists we made at the beginning of the year. How many items have you crossed off yet? If the big house clean is still pending this is when you want to begin. Eden Way Storage Center offers different… Read more »

Clean Out Your Computer Before Storing It

New technology turns old rather quickly. We know the joke about a computer becoming obsolete once you take it out of the box, but some people do find value in hanging on to tower units, monitors and other peripherals. With spring on the way, it’s the perfect time to organize our folders and conserve memory…. Read more »

Store, Sell, or Toss?

We can’t say for certain that the first month of the year is the busiest for house cleaning, but it’s a good time to consider a self-storage unit rental. At Eden Way Storage Center, we offer a $1 first month special for new tenants, plus discounts for military moving to or from the area. Even… Read more »

Make Room For 2020!

Are you ready for the 2020s? Depending on which authority you consult, next year is the start of a new decade or the final year in our current one. At best, it’s safe to say the “teens” are coming to an end, and with the New Year comes another opportunity to reach the goals we… Read more »

Self-Storage is Santa’s Little Helper

Have questions about renting a self-storage unit in Chesapeake? Call Eden Way Storage Center at 757-413-9050 today! When you can break a bit from holiday shopping, take a moment to think about your needs this season, particularly where storage is concerned. Chesapeake self-storage comes in handy for homeowners who take pride in showing their holiday… Read more »