Moving Day Essentials

Do you have a move coming up? Moving can be awfully stressful, but there are lots of ways to cut down on confusion and clutter. These tips will make your move as smooth as silk. Keep the Essentials Handy Rather than having to dig through tons of boxes to find your phone charger, make a… Read more »

Staycation Storage Projects

Summer is in full swing! If you’re planning a staycation this year, it’s the perfect time to get a handle on your family’s summer storage needs. Here are some of our favorite ideas. Outdoor Toy Storage Toys get everywhere – it’s just what they do. Trying to stop kids from leaving a trail of toys… Read more »

Summertime Student Storage

You’ve finished your exams, you’ve packed up your room, you’ve said goodbye to your friends for the next few months – school is over and summer is here! But what if you’ve got more books and boxes than you’re able to take back home with you? Self storage may be your best option. Rather than… Read more »

Storage for Servicemembers

One of the best things about Hampton Roads is the vibrant military community. Nothing makes us prouder than serving our troops! Here at Eden Way Storage, we understand that the time before a deployment can be hectic (to say the least). That’s why we offer special deals for our men and women in uniform to… Read more »

Spring Decluttering

Happy spring, Hampton Roads! After a long, dreary winter, it’s time to open the windows and let the sunshine in. There’s no better way to brighten up your space than with a good spring decluttering! Here are five tips that are sure to make it as painless as possible. Set Goals Decluttering any space, whether… Read more »

Store Your Halloween Costumes At Eden Way Storage

Trick or Treat, how’d you get your house so neat? A storage unit can be an amazing weapon in the arsenal of home decor. If your home has more clutter than you’d like, an Eden Way storage unit in Chesapeake can help. If you’ve acquired numerous Halloween costumes over the years (no judgement, who hasn’t?)… Read more »

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again – time to sort through all the accoutrements and acquisitions of the past 12 months. Don’t worry, though – Eden Way Self Storage in Chesapeake is here to help you with the laborious process of Spring Cleaning. Before you tackle the monster that is spring cleaning, make sure you’re stocked… Read more »

Storage Resolutions for the New Year

By now you have probably relaxed, feeling confident for surviving the alleged Mayan “Doomsday.” This means, of course, we have to get back to work and that growing to-do list. With the new year underway, it’s a time for taking down holiday decorations and making room for gifts in what may be a cramped home…. Read more »

How to Avoid Problems With Self-Storage

George Carlin famously lamented about always having to find a “place for his stuff.” We can laugh, probably because we can sympathize with his dilemma. Sometimes we have so much stuff we don’t know whether to keep it or give it away. Eventually, self-storage may become an option if we are reluctant to hold a… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Rep Storage

Eden Way self-storage offers safe and secure storage options for pharmaceutical sales representatives. We offer clean, safe, and temperature controlled storage units for you to keep your inventory. You can rely on our high standard security measures and relax, knowing that your inventory is always safe. This is why many Pharmaceutical Representatives choose Eden Way… Read more »