Commercial Self-Storage

A commercial self-storage is a unit that is used for your business needs rather than for storing your personal items. With a commercial self-storage, you have the ability to adjust the amount of space whenever you need it. Rent more storage units when you need more space, rent less when you need less, and save money… Read more »

Business Storage Chesapeake

Business storage (also called retail storage) is a storage unit for your business tools, equipment and merchandise.  You can keep all the products and tools that you use for your business in a single storage unit.  Any unit that is used for you business will be called a business storage unit. Advantages of renting business… Read more »

Tips For Packing Your Library For Storage

Whether you plan to downsize your home, are in the process of moving, or just want to clear away unused items, self-storage is a viable and affordable solution. Renting a storage unit for a month or longer allows you to place your belongings in a safe, climate-controlled facility. It’s a good option if your life… Read more »

College Storage

Many students rent a self storage unit when they are not in college. If you want to know why, think of the following: How many books and other things the student owns and needs to bring back home when the semester is over? Does the student need to rent a car to have enough space… Read more »

Choosing A Storage Space

Choosing the right storage space may be very difficult. Knowing how much stuff you have is not enough, you also have to know if the belongings you have can be stored on top of each other. With storing tables and chairs it’s easy, but what if you have to find a storage for your car,… Read more »

Five Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Unit

Are you tired of constantly tripping over things in your own home, not because the house is a mess but because you simply have too much stuff cramped in your rooms? Do people tease you about auditioning for a show like “Hoarders” because you seem to have everything in the world packed into a small… Read more »

How to Prepare a Car for Storage

When we think of renting a storage unit, most likely we are more concerned with smaller objects like clothing and boxes of books, Christmas decorations, and other items we don’t use on a regular basis. We may also be more inclined to obtain storage for furniture as we transition to a new home. Some may… Read more »

Questions to Ask a Storage Facility Manager

Your house is near capacity, bulging with items you don’t necessarily need but aren’t ready to throw out. You could have a surplus of holiday decorations or lawn equipment left over from when you lived in a house with a yard. You could have boxes of clothes your children have outgrown, but you anticipate another… Read more »

Storage Buildings: What Size Unit Do I Need?

People may use storage facilities for a variety of reasons. Your current home may not be large enough to contain everything you own, and perhaps you are not quite ready to get rid of some things. You may be moving to a new house and need a place to temporarily keep furniture and other items… Read more »

Things You Can Put in Your Storage Shed

What can you put in a storage shed? When you rent a storage facility, you are typically bound by the terms of the business, and therefore are permitted to keep any number of possessions while you move, or take a temporary job overseas. If you are in need of long-term storage and aren’t sure what… Read more »