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Need Self-Storage Now? Do This First

Self-storage provides convenience to homeowners and renters at all stages of life. It’s there when you need extra space to keep furniture and clothing used seasonally, and it’s handy to have during transitions like family additions or moving to another house.  Sometimes, the need to leave a home or condo comes at short notice. Maybe… Read more »

Choose the Right-Sized Box For Storage

Renting a Chesapeake self-storage unit to keep your seasonal belongings and other surplus furniture is the first step toward a clutter-free home. At Eden Way Storage Center, we offer a variety of different-sized units with climate control for your needs. When you determine the size to hold your stuff, next comes the question of what… Read more »

How To Preserve Print Photos

Memories may fade over time, which is why we treasure photos. How many of us remember visiting an older relative and seeing walls of framed portraits from graduations, weddings, and other events? How many photo albums do our parents own from past family vacations? These days it’s easy to snap pictures on our phones, but… Read more »

What Seasoned Self-Storage Tenants Wished They Knew

Self-storage is designed to offer tenants easy access to space for extra belongings. When your home starts to feel cluttered, it’s good to have the option of a climate-controlled unit in a secure facility. Eden Way Storage Center in Chesapeake offers peace of mind to everybody keeping their inventory on-site. That said, ask anyone who’s… Read more »

Give The Gift of Self-Storage

Have you written your holiday wish list yet? Some members of your family may be easy to shop for this year, while others make it challenging. This year, don’t neglect yourself when it comes time to give. The holiday season is the perfect time to take advantage of sales (we’ll tell you about our discounts… Read more »

Before You Upgrade Your Unit

If you find your home is lately feeling cluttered, it’s usually a sign to consider renting a self-storage unit in Chesapeake to take some of the burden. Let’s say, though, that you already have self-storage space. Do you need to upgrade to a larger unit? Before you make that decision, you will want to consider… Read more »

Get Back To School and Back To Storage

We at Eden Way Storage Center hope all the kids in Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads area are enjoying a safe and happy “back to school” period so far. The transition from summer vacation to the first weeks of school challenges young minds. As our children adjust once again to life in the classroom and… Read more »

Self-Storage And Garage Sales: Three Tips To Help

A change in seasons is coming upon us. Kids are preparing to return to school, and work schedules are adjusting. The transition from summer to fall usually means it’s time to evaluate everything at home and in self-storage. With the winter holidays still to come, this is the time to clear the stuff you’re saving… Read more »

What You Can Store

What comes to mind when you hear the words “self-storage?” Maybe you picture a space filled floor to ceiling with cardboard boxes, unlabeled and containing mystery items. Maybe, too, you think of a reality show where people bid on an abandoned unit, hoping to find treasure. To the average person, a self-storage unit exists to… Read more »

Safety and Self-Storage

We at Eden Way Storage Center wish you a safe and happy summer. With schools out for the season and thoughts of summer activities and college prep topmost on people’s minds, we expect to see much activity at our facility. It reminds us that June is National Safety Month, too, and when you do come… Read more »