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March is National Ladder Safety Month

Spring is soon returning to Hampton Roads, and with it comes the typical rites. It’s the prime time to work on decluttering indoor space and making repairs. Chances are you’ll head to your Chesapeake self-storage unit to retrieve your ladder – our units are perfect for holding various home and garden supplies for safekeeping in… Read more »

Five Things You Can Discard Before Spring Cleaning

With Spring on the horizon, Spring cleaning isn’t too far behind. If you spent the majority of your time at home last year, it’s safe to say that you are well overdue for a thorough house cleaning. If you have a date on your calendar marked for the heavy lifting, there are many things you… Read more »

Self-Storage Resolutions for 2022

January is almost over. Have you kept to any of the resolutions you’ve made? Have you made any resolutions for 2022? With changes to the way we work and live come changes to the pledges we make. If you foresee such a change in your future, there’s a chance Chesapeake self-storage can help you. That… Read more »

Self-Storage Resolutions for 2022

It’s difficult to believe that 2021 is almost over. A new year will arrive before we realize it… have you thought of resolutions to make and keep for 2022? Common pledges like exercising more and finishing home projects may roll over from this year, but if we had to guess we predict many people in… Read more »

Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Storage

‘Tis the season once again! With many restrictions lifted, it’s no surprise to see many people are making holiday plans in earnest. Travel, gifts, and lavish dinners are top of mind, but the last months of the year are also a good time to think about self-storage. It’s no secret that a Chesapeake self-storage unit… Read more »

Do You Need To Upgrade?

As we move toward the end of another year, we not only marvel at how quickly time has passed but we must assess our needs for the future. If you currently use a self-storage unit to hold belongings not required at home, this is a good time to evaluate your need for storage in the… Read more »

Self Storage is Self-Care

September is National Self-Care Awareness Month. It should go without saying that many of us likely need it after this past year, but self-care is important to consider regardless of your situation. Whether self-care to you means enjoying a walk along the beach or settling in your favorite chair with a book, we hope you… Read more »

How To Properly Store Your Golf Clubs

How are you celebrating National Golf Month? In Hampton Roads, where one can take advantage of several beautiful courses all year round, we would argue that every month is Golf Month. Whether you play nine or eighteen holes, on a professional course or at a mini-golf near the beach, it’s great exercise. If health concerns and/or lack… Read more »

Why Do You Need Storage?

Big decisions are made in summer. This is mainly because the majority of people have more time off and more freedom to travel or remain at home if needed. Schools are closed, and some businesses may see a seasonal lull before it gets busier. It’s not uncommon, for example, to see people moving to new… Read more »

Self-Storage For Extended Road Trips

Many things have changed in the way we work and live. Remote work has expanded, allowing people to reconsider their home space and even use such opportunities to combine travel and work. If you plan to be away from home for an extended period, self-storage can provide a solution for some of your needs. Rent… Read more »