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Self-Storage is For Everybody

Self-storage is for everybody. At Eden Way Storage Center, we meet people from all walks of life who come to us for self-storage solutions. We welcome Hampton Roads active-duty military who need a place to keep their cars and belongings during deployments, and we’re here to advise on the best storage units for families moving… Read more »

3 Things You Forget to Do With Self-Storage

Fall is a prime season for self-storage usage. The busy back-and-forth of homeowners putting away summer equipment to retrieve holiday decorations, not to mention the parents of college-age students taking back dorm furniture before class starts, keeps a rental facility jumping. At the end of the day, though, it’s good to know your belongings are… Read more »

Self-Storage After the Hurricane

Whether you choose to evacuate your home or ride out a tropical storm or hurricane, your focus should stay on your family’s safety. Self-storage gives you peace of mind that the property you have in that space remains protected in bad weather. Once the wind and rain have passed, though, it’s not a bad idea… Read more »

Self-Storage Eases the Cluttered Mind

Many people who come to Eden Way Storage Center in need of quality, climate-controlled units aren’t quite ready to part with specific belongings. That’s perfectly fine. You may want to hang onto children’s furniture to pass down to an expecting relative, or maybe you have heirlooms set aside for family to inherit. Self-storage is a… Read more »

Three Tips for Storing Vintage Clothing

Vintage never goes out of style. When you browse the many antique stores and consignment boutiques around Hampton Roads, you’re sure to find a wealth of fashionable dresses and suits, vinyl records, and other gadgets from bygone eras. We know vintage clothing is a popular option for proms, weddings, and other social events, and if… Read more »

Plan Ahead for Self-Storage

The decision to rent a self-storage unit tends to occur because of urgency. Your house is crowded with extra furniture and you need a place to put it. You sustain some damage at home after a hurricane and must put things away while you repair or renovate. You’re moving at short notice. These are just… Read more »

Short-Term Storage Solutions for Summer Break

We’ve noticed traffic around town has increased, and that’s usually the first sign of summer coming to Hampton Roads. If the cars aren’t full of tourists on the way to the beach, they’re carrying young people heading home from college…staying long enough to drop off dirty laundry before going to the beach. If you’re the… Read more »

Your Top Storage Questions Answered

At Eden Way Storage Center, we want to ensure your experience with Chesapeake self-storage is positive and helpful. We understand our customers have different situations. Be it a military transfer, a life change that requires a move, or a temporary solution for keeping your valuables safe, we’re here to help. That said, we get many… Read more »

Self-Storage and the Cross-Country Move

As we are based in the Hampton Roads area, we are familiar with the cross-country move. Many of our customers come from all over the country, and some overseas, due to military transfers and work-related moves. It’s exciting to relocate to a new city, whether it’s a hundred or a thousand miles away, though the… Read more »

Tips for Maintaining a Long Term Storage Unit

Homeowners, renters, and businesses often rent long-term storage units for a variety of reasons. Whether you are preparing for a big move, are in the military, or need a place to keep your classic car, long-term storage could be a great option. Keeping your items safely stowed for an extended period of time is often… Read more »