3 Things You Forget to Do With Self-Storage

Fall is a prime season for self-storage usage. The busy back-and-forth of homeowners putting away summer equipment to retrieve holiday decorations, not to mention the parents of college-age students taking back dorm furniture before class starts, keeps a rental facility jumping. At the end of the day, though, it’s good to know your belongings are safe in a clean, climate-controlled space.

Here at Eden Way Storage Center, our customers come and go during these cooler months, and we’re happy to talk with anyone interested in renting a self-storage unit in Chesapeake this fall. Our website covers the basics of storage, but we know people use units for different reasons. We also want to make sure your experience with Eden Way remains positive. It’s easy to forget small things as you prepare your belongings for storage, and we hope you’ll keep these tips in mind as you pack:

Take out the batteries. Storing equipment that runs on batteries? Make sure everything from the AAAs to Ds are removed before you place things in storage. If you know the boxes will remain for an indefinite time, it’s best not to risk corrosion and leakage of battery acid.

Clean your bins first. Clean, dry plastic bins are great for storing clothes, books, collectibles, and delicate items. If you’re reusing a specific bin, it’s a good idea to wipe it inside and out so nothing contaminates your property.

Don’t lose your key! This should go without saying, but we understand how it is with keys. You may not visit your unit every week, but if you need to come by for a quick pickup or dropoff you want your key easily in hand. Make sure it’s in a safe place.

Have other questions about Chesapeake self-storage? Contact Eden Way Storage Center. We are happy to help find the right storage unit for your needs.