After They’re Gone

Death is a sensitive topic. Whether a loved one passes unexpectedly or succumbs to a long-term illness, it’s a sad time that requires quiet and healing. If you are charged with the task of managing your late friend or relative’s estate, you’ll find there’s much to do. After the funeral, after all the condolences are answered, there comes the question of what to do with the deceased’s belongings.

Some items may be earmarked to specific people or organizations. If the deceased hasn’t left a will or other instructions, what then? You might take some keepsakes, but you also may have to liquidate larger possessions to cover expenses. You might not think of self-storage as you prepare to tie loose ends, but it can help alleviate some headaches as you go through the processes.

Why would you need self-storage to hold a departed family member’s possessions?

1) Depending on whether the deceased owned or rented their home, you may not have ample time to inventory everything in that space. Leases expire, property sells. Moving rooms of furniture and/or complementary items into a common area, like a climate-controlled storage unit, can help you better organize things for bulk sale.

2) If multiple people are interested in buying furniture and large electronics, you may feel more secure showing items from a storage unit. You may have a better sense of control as you distribute everything.

3) If the deceased has bequeathed large possessions – heirloom furniture, shelving, even a car – the beneficiary may not be able to claim them immediately. Self-storage can keep these items safe until that time.

4) If you don’t live in the same city or state as the deceased, it can get tricky. If you’re not able to commute in order to settle affairs, bringing some things to a self-storage facility near you may help you properly finish your commitment.

Climate-controlled self-storage works for antiques and modern possessions. At Eden Way Storage Center, we offer clean storage in Chesapeake along with free locks and use of a moving truck when available. If you have questions about our facility and are eligible for discounts, contact us today.