Host a Successful Yard Sale This Summer

Personal self-storage offers the convenience of space for people who lack it at home. It’s ideal for seasonal clothing and decorations, and heirlooms that aren’t ready to bequeath. At Eden Way Storage Center, we’ve helped renters and homeowners in Chesapeake maximize their storage space so everything they want to keep remains secure and intact. As tastes and needs change, we know that some objects will not stay.

This gives the owner a few options, among them the yard sale.

While it’s more common for homeowners to hold yard sales in springtime, there are advantages to setting up shop during the summer months. The days are longer and bargain hunters tend to start early, so you have more morning hours to sell before it gets too hot. If you find it’s time to scale down your unwanted belongings, it’s important to make your sale items stand out so people spend more time, and money, in your yard.

Presentation is key. The way you stage your stuff can make the difference between a sale and a pass. If you plan to unload clothing, hang dresses and shirts on a portable clothing rack. Arrange clothes by size for easier inspection. Don’t force people to bend down and sift through a box of unfolded clothes.

If you have a large inventory, group items according to usage: countertop appliances, toys, baby items, books and videos. People are likely to pick up multiple items this way. Place smaller items together in shallow containers to keep track of them.

Often people come to yard sales with a singular purpose, namely a low price on gently used items like cribs, musical instruments, or furniture. Social media can promote your “big ticket” items in advance; be mindful to post announcements in their proper categories on neighborhood sites and apps.

As for how much to charge for stuff…that’s up to you. Consider the condition of sale items and how much a person would pay. Of course, people will attempt to convince you to part with things for lower prices, so be ready to bargain.

After the sale, Eden Way Storage Center is here to keep safe what you’re not ready to give away. We are happy to answer your questions about our climate-controlled secure units and to see if you qualify for any of our discounts. Contact us today with your questions.