How Self-Storage Helps You Move

May is National Moving Month. This May, however, it is likely to work differently for people given the circumstances. The coronavirus pandemic has postponed many events related to moving, like home sales and rentals. Normally at this time, too, college students would be preparing to come home and looking for trucks to rent or family and friends to help pack their cars. While moving plans have altered for people around the country, now is a good opportunity to consider how self-storage figures into moving activity for when the time comes.

Do You Need Self-Storage?

Moving furniture and boxes from one residence to another won’t always require an in-between place to hold belongings. In an ideal situation, a large truck shows up, fits in everything you own, and takes it all to your new home. Yet, snags happen. Your current home may sell before you can close on the new one, or severe weather could interrupt the move. Self-storage provides the solution to see you through such issues.

Renting storage space can benefit your transition in a number of other ways:

  • If you are downsizing to a smaller house or apartment and have yet to sell/donate surplus belongings
  • If you are combining households and one needs more time to organize their things
  • If a move comes about during a divorce, and some property is under dispute

A climate-controlled unit safely protects furniture, electronics, and other appliances, and helps your move go smoothly.

When Should You Reserve A Unit?

If you anticipate bumps in the road between your current home and the next one, you may wish to research self-storage before you start packing. Depending on where you live, quality self-storage facilities may operate at near capacity. You’ll need to determine the right size for your needs so you’re not paying for unused space, and if the right unit comes available in time with your move you can see about making a reservation. 

If you have questions about renting self-storage in Chesapeake, Eden Way Storage Center is here to help. We offer great rates and move-in specials, like our military discount or $1 first month rental. Contact us today to find out if you are eligible!