Make Room For 2020!

Are you ready for the 2020s? Depending on which authority you consult, next year is the start of a new decade or the final year in our current one. At best, it’s safe to say the “teens” are coming to an end, and with the New Year comes another opportunity to reach the goals we didn’t quite get to in 2019.

We can’t help you with anything exercise-related (unless you’re looking for a place to keep unused equipment), but if you want to be better organized in 2020, you’re reading the right blog. The most common New Year’s resolutions involve some type of self-improvement, be it working on health issues or cutting down on bad habits, and you can add self-storage to this category. Here’s why:

Think of what’s in your house right now. Do you have any combination of the following?

  • Boxes of books you intend to read one day
  • Furniture set up in a spare bedroom nobody uses
  • Files of old tax returns and documents you’re keeping…just in case
  • Clothes you can’t wear yet because it’s not the season

The more you accumulate, the more space you lose to surplus objects. Negotiating a path through a cluttered room wears on the mind after a while, and even sitting in a room packed with stuff may leave you unable to relax. You focus more on what crowds you, instead of enjoying your free time. In this respect, self-storage becomes self-care when you move what you don’t immediately need out of your home.

Not only that, but you may find as you clear away the clutter that you lift the overall mood in your home. Frustrations brought on by feeling closed-in dissipate when you can move and breathe freely, and in turn you’re less likely to pass that tension along to your family. 

It’s never too late or too early to organize your home, and self-storage helps! Start off 2020 with our $1 first month’s rent special, or see if you qualify for our military discount. Contact us today with your questions.