Moving in May?

National Moving Month is celebrated in May. We’ve talked about this particular observation before, though we believe some points bear repeating. After the events of this past year, it stands to reason that we will see an uptick in moving activity, here and throughout the country. Of course, self-storage can play an important role in a successful move for you and your family. 

Whether you are coming into Hampton Roads or moving away, self-storage provides a safe, clean go-between if the moving process requires you to be out of your current home sooner than expected. At Eden Way Storage Center, our Chesapeake self-storage facility caters to area residents in need of space for a variety of reasons. Military and their families, especially, can take advantage of monthly discounts with us in the event of orders for deployment or transfer.

Why is May National Moving Month? According to Move Buddha, May through August are statistically the busiest months for moving. One can estimate that people are able to take more time off during these months to move without interruptions at school or work. The U.S. Census Bureau also reports that in 2019 over 31 million people in the United States moved, and that the average person moves nearly twelve times in their lifetime!

Many tips provided by moving experts can also apply to self-storage use. Whether or not use of a climate-controlled unit is part of your plans, you can make your move across town or across the state easier this way:

  • Plan ahead. Set up a calendar for packing, arranging for movers if needed, and travel. If the move is a fairly long distance, factor in possible delays due to traffic and construction. 
  • Label boxes clearly. As you pack your moving truck you may not give thought to arranging boxes by room. Color-coded labels and markers can help prevent extra work for you when it’s time to unload.
  • Limber up. Carrying boxes to and from home requires stamina. Stretch properly first to avoid injury, and stay hydrated. Wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing so you can move freely.

Have questions about self-storage with regards to moving, or need a place to store extra items until it’s time to use them again. Contact Eden Way Storage Center to inquire about availability and to see if you qualify for our first month’s rent for $1 special.