Relax – Reliable Self-Storage Is Here

Since this Saturday is National Relaxation Day, it’s a good time to reflect on how Chesapeake self-storage can contribute to a life of comfort. It’s no secret that Eden Way Storage Center offers a convenient location, climate-controlled units, and affordable rates – not to mention discounts for new renters and military. When you come to our facility, our staff is prepared to answer your questions and offer you a genuine customer experience. What’s more:

  • Tenants can inquire about free use of our truck during move-in. You can rest easy knowing you don’t have to put extra miles on your car or risk tearing upholstery loading bulky objects in and out of the back seats.
  • Clearing away extra furniture and other belongings adds space to your home and in turn creates a comfortable environment for you and your family. Without the clutter, your mind may feel less occupied and more reclined to relax.
  • Eden Way is a secure self-storage facility. You can sleep well at night knowing everything in your unit is safe.

Relax Another Day

Because we offer a variety of unit sizes, you’re able to bring extra “relaxation” to store when you need it. Whether you want to pack away a bedroom’s worth of furniture as you downsize homes, or need to keep your college kid’s dorm possessions in one place, it’s easy to do at Eden Way.

A few things you may wish to know about specific items:

Mattresses: Give a mattress going into storage a good vacuum. If it’s memory foam, you may be able to re-roll it and place it in its original box (or a new one of similar size), whereas a traditional mattress with coils should be placed in a zippable storage bag. For the latter type of mattress, it is better to store laying flat to avoid any shifting of the coils. Also, do not place objects on top of a flat mattress, else you risk damage.

Sleeping bags: Launder sleeping bags according to instructions and dry thoroughly. Zip them and re-roll, and use their original bags if you have them. If you use these and other camping equipment sparingly, you may consider storing them in the back of your unit so you can access items you’re more likely to retrieve and put back.

Pillows: Vacuum bags may be useful for extra pillow storage in that they can reduce the amount of space taken up in storage. Be sure to clean all pillows before packing – if you can’t wash in regular laundry, use a damp cloth to clear away stains. Dry everything thoroughly to avoid mildew.

If you need more tips on the best way to store your things in one of our units, contact us today. Have a relaxing weekend!