Self-Storage Eases the Cluttered Mind

Many people who come to Eden Way Storage Center in need of quality, climate-controlled units aren’t quite ready to part with specific belongings. That’s perfectly fine. You may want to hang onto children’s furniture to pass down to an expecting relative, or maybe you have heirlooms set aside for family to inherit. Self-storage is a also good option if you’re planning a garage sale and need a place to store everything until it’s time.

Is your home looking a bit cluttered? Self-storage gives you space.

You may be tempted, however, to stockpile your goods at home while you wait for the right moment to part with them. In theory it’s a good idea if you’re on a budget, but as a solution it may do harm than good.

We’ve talked on this blog before about the disadvantages of overcrowding in your home. Rooms holding more furniture than necessary can make it difficult to move around, and garages and closets stacked high with wobbling boxes could bring on a collapse. There’s one more risk to consider aside from damaged goods, though, and it involves the clutter not in your home but in your head.

When you face a house stuffed with things you don’t need at the moment, it can have an impact on your lifestyle. Clutter can affect your concentration and make you irritable, increase your stress, and even bring on rifts in relationships with your family. In time, if you leave things to pile up around the house, it can mess with your memory and soon you’ll be looking for things you do need. Imagine being late with a bill because you couldn’t find your mail, because it was haphazardly placed somewhere due to boxes taking up space in your home office.

Renting a self-storage unit, even for a few months, is not just a solution for surplus belongings, but an investment in your lifestyle. Free the clutter from your house, and you may feel as though a weight has lifted. At Eden Way Storage Center, we are happy to answer your self-storage questions and match you to the perfect unit. Don’t forget to ask about our $1 first-month special if you’re new to us, or about military discounts.