Store, Sell, or Toss?

We can’t say for certain that the first month of the year is the busiest for house cleaning, but it’s a good time to consider a self-storage unit rental. At Eden Way Storage Center, we offer a $1 first month special for new tenants, plus discounts for military moving to or from the area. Even though spring is a few months away, you may have a thorough house cleaning on your mind. We are happy not only to help you find the right unit for your storage needs, but to suggest ways to maximize the space.

When you spring clean, you’ll make decisions. What goes into storage, and what goes? Of the things leaving home, how do you disperse them? If you need some guidance, here are a few cues to consider.

When Do You Store It?

  • It’s in good condition, but you’re not using it at the moment and you definitely intend to bring it home. Seasonal decorations and displays will likely fall into this category.
  • It’s in good condition and it’s been in the family for years. You want to pass it down to your child one day, and it’s better off in a climate-controlled space than in a cramped closet or sweltering attic.
  • It’s in good condition, you want to keep it, and it needs a place to stay while you’re downsizing your home or moving.

When Do You Sell It?

With multitudes of apps designed to help people “yard sale” things online, you may be more inclined to set aside some things on the chance you can make back some money. 

  • It’s in good working condition and missing no parts, but you no longer have a use for it. Downsizing from a home to an apartment may result in an opportunity to sell off some household goods.
  • It’s in good working condition, but it’s an older model and you have recently purchased an upgrade. Coffee makers, video game consoles, and other electronic gadgets make for good big ticket yard sale items.
  • It’s in good condition, but you have no sentimental attachment to it. You may consider selling such a possession if it has value.

When Do You Toss It?

Eventually, some household items outlive their usefulness. You can hang onto a few pieces with sentimental value, but your self-storage space may be better served to hold things you want and should keep.

  • It’s in fair condition, but it may not work correctly and you have no desire to repair it. For such goods, you may want to consider donating to a charity that fixes them for resale.
  • It’s in good condition, but you no longer want it and it went unsold at a recent yard sale. Unless you plan a series of sales after downsizing, some things will likely end up donated.
  • It’s in bad condition, broken, and/or missing parts. It’s beyond repair and may be a better candidate for recycling.

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