Take Care of The Friends Who Help You Move

Volunteering is a great way to give back to an organization you support, or to the community in general. Whether you set aside a weekend to clean up a park or roadside, or visit with patients in hospice or other facility, it’s time well spent. National Volunteer Week is next week, and it’s the perfect time to look into opportunities if you have considered becoming a volunteer.

You may be asking, what does volunteerism have to do with self storage? Well, we are aware that sometimes people are “volunteered” to help friends move. Other times, you may be the person seeking volunteers. Moving from one home to the next is a serious business, and you may have to sweeten the deal with the promise of a nice dinner or a round of drinks at the end. If your move involves access to your self-storage facility, it’s important to keep a few tips in mind.

Have A Plan

The more vehicles involved in a move, the sooner you can finish. However many cars and trucks you bring to your self-storage unit, be mindful of parking etiquette. If you access your units from outside, make sure you’re not blocking any other tenants from their spaces, and of course watch out for foot traffic.

Dress For the Job

Moving can be a messy business. If the weather is warm, if you have to perform heaving lifting, you and your volunteer helpers can work up a sweat. Advise everybody to wear comfortable clothing for the task, and closed toed shoes for safety.

Know Everybody’s Limits 

When it comes to large, ungainly objects, you need people capable of lifting and maneuvering them in and out of spaces. Be mindful of what your helpers can and can not do as they assist you.

Show Your Appreciation!

Buy the big dinner afterward. Return the favor by helping your friends move. Above all else, thank the people who have helped you with this monumental task. 

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