These Three Things Happen When You Use Self-Storage

We’ve sprung forward in time, the days are longer, and soon thoughts will turn to the honey-do lists we made at the beginning of the year. How many items have you crossed off yet? If the big house clean is still pending this is when you want to begin.

Eden Way Storage Center offers different sizes of self-storage units, with enough space to accommodate the contents of a one-room apartment to a large house. If you qualify for a military discount or our $1 first month rent special, take advantage! Once you have stored your extra belongings – the winter clothes and decorations, the furniture and books you’re not using at the moment – you’ll discover some amazing changes in your life.

Clear your home, clear your head. A cluttered home makes for an atmosphere of frustration. You feel unhappy, you’re always stepping over and around things just to get to the next room. As you throw away papers and box up unused items, then move them out of the house, your space will appear lighter (that’s because it is). You may not be as irritated as you were in a crowded house, too.

Changes come easy. With surplus belongings stored in a safe place, you have room to redecorate. Reposition furniture, hang new artwork, or transform your closets. Finally, you can make use of the space you regain.

Decisions come easier. Self-storage works as a decision tool, especially if you tend to hang onto things longer than you need them. Out of sight, out of mind comes into play here – if after so many months you realize you can part with some of your storage, do it. Maximize the space for the things you want to keep.

Get in early on spring cleaning. Contact us today for availability on our Chesapeake self-storage units.