Tips for Electric Car Storage

Climate controlled self-storage is ideal for car owners. Military deployment often calls for long term placement of a vehicle, and families with an extra car may need a safe space until it’s time to roll out again. Eden Way Storage Center offers large units designed to hold automobiles, everything from two-door coupes to RVs. We’ve talked before about proper storage for standard vehicles, boats and motorcycles, but what if you need to store an electric car?

Will self-storage work for EVs? Yes, provided you take the proper steps to ensure the health of your car. As with regular cars, electric vehicles are at risk of internal damage if left alone for long periods of time without the correct care taken. Depending on the type of EV you own, a replacement battery can cost several thousand dollars. If you have questions about storing your EV, you may wish to consult with the manufacturer for tips specific to your car. The main concerns involve the following:

Battery Charge – Most EV experts do not recommend keeping a car plugged in during storage, or keeping the battery charged to 100 percent. While it seems logical, this could actually degrade the primary battery while it’s stationary for an extended period. Experts recommend charging the battery to about 80 percent before putting in storage.

Secondary Battery and Cables – The secondary 12-volt battery, which powers the door locks, should be disconnected from its cables as you prepare for storage as well. This helps reduce the risk of draining the battery while you are away. Some experts also recommend connecting the battery to a trickle charger, which helps maintain the optimal charge level without fully charging the battery. 

If you use a charger, it’s important to keep your trunk open if the secondary battery is stored there. You will need to access the doors of your car when you return, and you don’t want any complications. 

Clear Self-Storage Space – Whichever self-storage space you choose, make sure you have plenty of room to move around, and that nothing is too close to the car to risk scratches. Climate control is important, too, because extreme temperatures can cause damage to a stationary vehicle, electric or gas-powered. 

Because not all EVs are built the same, please check your manufacturer’s best practices for storage. For self-storage of other types of motor vehicles, Eden Way Storage Center has room! Contact us today for more information and to see if you qualify for any of our discounts.