Using Self-Storage For Going BACK To School

Those of you with kids home from college are probably counting/dreading the days toward dorm move-in. The weekends before the semester begins are a hectic time for students and parents, with everybody converging onto the same space at once to make sure everyone is settled. If you are using self-storage for your college bound child’s belongings, you’ve made organizing the move easier. All you need is a sturdy vehicle on which to load the boxes and bins earmarked for the trip.

Self-storage is a handy tool for parents at every stage of a child’s life. The college years, especially, are crucial in that your boarding students will have two residences during the school year. To make the most of these exciting years, utilize your storage to help with smooth transitions every school year.

Keep Your Unit

You may be tempted to use self-storage seasonally, renting in the summer and waiting until the next year to do it again. You might save a bit of money that way, but in the long run you could create a few headaches. Unit availability can vary over time, and you may not be able to get storage at a convenient location. In some instances, you may end up paying more as a “new” customer as opposed to staying with a locked-in rate. Consider keeping your unit throughout the year, because you may need it for other purposes.

Keep Space Clear

As you map out the available space in your storage unit, choose a spot strictly for your student’s belongings. A corner in the front is recommended, since these boxes are likely to be moved more often than others. Simply open the door, grab what you need, and go.

Label Everything

To avoid grabbing bins not earmarked for the dorms, use a system. Clear labeling or using sealed bins of the same color, different from others in the unit, will help you differentiate the college stuff from your home storage. The empty bins can even be kept in the unit if you don’t have room for them at home.

For boarding school, college, and even graduate school, self-storage serves all students who transition in the summer. At Eden Way Storage Center, we are here to help with all your family’s needs. Contact us today for unit availability and ask about our $1 for the first month’s rent discount.

Photo: Matt Ragland