4 Self-Storage Hacks You Need to Try Now

Maybe you’ve rented a self-storage unit in Chesapeake for years, or maybe this is your first time coming to a facility to help with your Spring cleaning. You may be an old pro at packing and moving boxes from one house to another, but you may be amazed (and appreciative) to learn something new that can make your life seem less cluttered. Friends love to share life hacks on social, and some deserve the “mind blown” GIF response, but others will help you in the long run with your storage unit.

Have you ever dreaded coming out to your storage unit to get something? At Eden Way Storage Center, we offer clean, climate-controlled units and use of a moving truck should you need it. We do everything we can to make the transition of surplus belongings into self-storage convenient and quick, but we do understand how you feel about having to root through boxes and bins. Here are few tips, storage hacks, to help.

Use see-through bins for everything. Now, we don’t expect to blow any minds with this tip, because you may already have a few clear plastic bins in your unit. But…is every container see-through? You may think it’s convenient to color-code and/or label opaque boxes by season and item (all clothes in the blue box, etc.) but if you have multiple bins of the same color you’ll end up on a search. Clear bins help, especially for this next tip.

Take pictures. After you’ve settled everything in your unit, take pictures of the layout and the bins. Make notes of what items are in which box. Save all the files to a folder on your computer or cloud account. When it’s time to collect a certain sweater or pair of hiking boots, you already have a map to the right X.

Roll with it. Do you store a lot of seasonal clothing in your unit? Does it feel like you have too many boxes for what you own? Take a second look at how your clothes are folded. A different method like rolling your clothing instead of a traditional laundry fold could free up space in one bin and help you consolidate packaging. You might want to look into the KonMari folding method as well.

Form an aisle. When you first rent a storage unit, you may be inclined to start packing at the back wall until you’ve come to the front. You may make good use of the space, but if you need something from the back it may require shuffling boxes until you get to it. Position your items so you have an aisle going through the middle of your unit. You’ll move easier inside, able to reach what you need.

Interested in other ways to maximize use of your Chesapeake self-storage unit? Contact Eden Way Storage Center and see if you qualify for any of our discounts.