Choose the Right-Sized Box For Storage

Renting a Chesapeake self-storage unit to keep your seasonal belongings and other surplus furniture is the first step toward a clutter-free home. At Eden Way Storage Center, we offer a variety of different-sized units with climate control for your needs. When you determine the size to hold your stuff, next comes the question of what size boxes will you use for packing.

For long term storage, transparent plastic boxes with sealable lids work best. See-through material helps you easily identify what’s in each box, and the airtight lids keep away dust and other contaminants. The size and shape of the box you use, too, can help you recognize where you have stored something specific. 

Some boxes are designed to specifically store certain things:

Small Sealed Boxes

These storage boxes may resemble shoeboxes in length and depth. They are useful for keeping small, loose objects in one place, so they don’t get lost in larger containers. Use these types of boxes for designer shoes for added protection, computer accessories, or costume jewelry.

“Flat” Boxes

These are the long, shallow boxes you might use for underbed storage, but they also work in your unit. Use them to store nice shoes, or fine fabrics you don’t normally fold.

File Boxes

Plastic file boxes are perhaps the most common containers used for self-storage. They are easy to stack, on top of each other and on racks. Designed primarily for holding financial paperwork, these boxes hold pretty much everything you want to keep. 

30-Gallon Tubs

These big containers are made of thick plastic and have sealable lids that help protect belongings when stored indoors or outside. These tubs are great for packing large, oddly-shaped objects or sporting goods.

Once you have everything packed in their proper places, you are ready to put everything in your self-storage unit. Contact Eden Way Storage Center today for availability, and to see if you qualify for our $1 for the first month’s rent special.