Choosing A Storage Space

Choosing the right storage space may be very difficult. Knowing how much stuff you have is not enough, you also have to know if the belongings you have can be stored on top of each other. With storing tables and chairs it’s easy, but what if you have to find a storage for your car, your boat, and a statue that you have inherited from your grandmother? You can pick a bigger storage unit to be on the safe side, but then you overpay for the space you don’t even use. Here, at our self storage Chesapeake location we will help you to find the best size, and ensure that your stored possessions are safe and secure.

We offer our knowledge and assistance to help you find the right size storage unit. Our Chesapeake Storage Center units vary in size, the smallest ones are 5ft by 5ft, 25 sq. ft. and the biggest ones are 10ft by 30ft, 300 sq. ft. With us you have different options, from storing just a couple of boxes to storing a car, or a boat.

Our goal is to help you find the right size storage unit, for you to save space and money. We value our customers, and take pride of our clean, safe and secure storage units, the best ones in Chesapeake, VA.