Do You Need To Upgrade?

As we move toward the end of another year, we not only marvel at how quickly time has passed but we must assess our needs for the future. If you currently use a self-storage unit to hold belongings not required at home, this is a good time to evaluate your need for storage in the coming months. Namely, is it time to upgrade to a larger unit?

The next time you visit your Chesapeake self-storage unit, take stock of your current inventory and focus on your needs. How often do you plan to visit your unit to retrieve and/or load items? Do you plan to stay in the area, and in the same home? Here are other important points to consider before you upgrade self-storage:

Can you move around in your current unit? Ideally you want a storage unit to hold everything you don’t keep at home. That said, you should also be able to move comfortably around the space so you can properly stack and retrieve seasonal items and other objects. When your current unit starts to look a bit packed, it could be time to move up a size.

Will everything in your current unit transfer? As you look around the boxes and bins currently in your storage space, you may notice that you’re keeping some items longer than needed. Before you immediately go out and upsize, see if there’s anything that you don’t really need anymore, and remove it. You may find you have plenty of space left to use, and you can continue with the unit you have.

Can you budget the extra expense? Bigger space usually means a bigger bill, though how much more you’ll pay depends on how far you upgrade. Pay attention to your currently monthly expenses to determine if getting a larger unit is within your budget.

When it comes time to move up to a bigger space, or to rent any size self-storage unit to protect keepsakes, contact Eden Way Storage Center to get started. You may qualify for one of our specials, including military discounts or the first month’s rent for $1.