Five Things You Can Discard Before Spring Cleaning

With Spring on the horizon, Spring cleaning isn’t too far behind. If you spent the majority of your time at home last year, it’s safe to say that you are well overdue for a thorough house cleaning. If you have a date on your calendar marked for the heavy lifting, there are many things you can look for around the house to clear away first.

You may find these items anywhere at home. You may not necessarily pack them away for safekeeping in a Chesapeake self-storage facility, but the more clutter you remove the more likely you will find something that does need to go into storage. As you move from room to room, look out for these things that tend to multiply;

Junk mail: How often do you pick up the mail, set it aside, and promise to get to it later? Unsolicited mail can pile up over time, to the point where it landslides on tables. Take a day and go through all the junk. Shred what needs to be destroyed and recycle as much of the paper as possible.

Napkin packs: The rise of takeout and curbside delivery means we’re likely to get wrapped plastic utensils and napkins with everything we buy. If we don’t use them, they end up in a drawer. Salvage and use or recycle what you can of these packs. Don’t feel as though you have to hang onto them. 

Plastic bags: Plastic bags come in handy for reuse as garbage bags around the house. If you’re bringing in more bags than you’re using, though, they’ll take up space. Many grocery stores will take bags for recycling, so it might be a good idea to keep as many as you need and return the rest.

Excess office supplies: Pens, pencils, blank paper, folders… do you have more office supplies than you have work to finish? Consider recycling or donating what you can. Test pens and toss whatever doesn’t work.

Expired toiletries: Are you loath to get rid of those little hotel shampoo bottles, prescriptions, and lotions? They pile up over time, and if some go untouched after a while they may not be good to used. Don’t be afraid to throw them away. Research how to properly dispose of old medications and clear out your medicine cabinet.

For large items that no longer fit at home, consider renting a self-storage unit in Chesapeake. Contact us today for availability and to see if you qualify for a military discount or the first month’s rent for one dollar.