Get Ready For Hurricane Season

Weather doesn’t stop for a pandemic. It’s great that we’re all doing our best to lessen the spread of COVID in the Hampton Roads area, but when a tropical storm approaches we have to consider other safety plans. At Eden Way Storage Center, we are happy to help our tenants make the most of their Chesapeake self-storage units in all kinds of severe weather. It’s never too early to include storage in your hurricane preparedness.

Currently, we are six storms into the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. Our metropolitan area saw some impact with Tropical Storm Arthur, but the season is far from over. If you have concerns about damage to valuables due to bad weather, be vigilant of forecasts and give yourself time to move items into your unit before the rain comes.

Other things to know as a hurricane or tropical storm comes closer: 

Get your important paperwork in order. Keep your insurance policies handy and note what each one covers as far as damage to your home or car. Put a list of numbers to call on your phone after the hurricane if you need to make any claims. 

Take “before” pictures. If you have to evacuate before you have a chance to move certain belongings, make a pictorial record of your home – flatscreens, furniture, jewelry, artwork, and kitchen appliances. If you need to file a claim, the photos will give your insurance company an idea of what to cover.

Double up on home protection. If your storage unit is at capacity, create alternative methods for safe-keeping at home. Photo albums and other flat items can stay safe in the bottom rack of a clean, dry dishwasher. Wrap valuables in towels and place them in the drum of your washing machine. Just don’t forget where you’ve put everything after the storm!

If you’re considering a self-storage rental, this is the time to check availability. Contact us today for more information and to see if you qualify for any of our discounts.