Make Halloween Decorating Less Scary

Is this the year you buy the twelve-foot skeleton for your Halloween yard display? 

We can understand if homeowners wish to go big on holiday decorations to make up for pandemic restrictions. While a giant lawn skeleton may help make your home the scariest on the block, the prospect of packing it up and finding a place for it may frighten you. 

Luckily, Eden Way Storage Center provides clean, climate-controlled storage units in Chesapeake, sized to accommodate decor for all the major holidays. With the right space and the right accessories, you can maximize your storage space so Halloween, Christmas, and spring decorating is never a headache.

Over time, you may accumulate items to add to your interior and exterior home displays. With new technology comes bolder lights and equipment to synchronize them to music, and animatronic displays that capture attention. When not in use, your inventory should be kept where it won’t be damaged by mold or mildew, heat or cold. As you consider a self-storage unit for your skeletons, fake tombstones, and other spooky stuff, it’s a good idea to look into supplemental equipment to ensure everything looks great for Halloweens to come:

  • Light spools – Once you remove stringed lights from their box, there’s usually no going back. Using your arm to wrap strands into a large, thick hoop may keep your lights compact, but without proper security you risk tangles and damage. Department and hardware stores sell proper light storage for homes. Simply spool your strands and zip them in a protective bag — you’ll save time fighting knots!
  • Plastic bins – Clear bins are best for holiday items because you are able to find what you need when you’re ready to decorate. You may also wish to use a color-coded system – orange for Halloween and red and green for Christmas. Use storage bins with sealable lids for smaller decorative items like candles, figurines, and wall hangings. 
  • Zipped storage bags – These may come in handy for items that won’t quite fit in a bin, or for seasonal clothing that takes up space in your closet. Vinyl bags come in a variety of sizes and can help clear out space in your home, plus they help keep out mites and bugs that can damage fabric.

Have questions about Chesapeake self-storage? This is a great time to find out if you are eligible for any of our discounts, including $1 for the first month’s rent. Contact us today, and be safe this Halloween.