Moving Day Essentials

Do you have a move coming up? Moving can be awfully stressful, but there are lots of ways to cut down on confusion and clutter. These tips will make your move as smooth as silk.

Moving day essentialsKeep the Essentials Handy
Rather than having to dig through tons of boxes to find your phone charger, make a special box for the items you know you’ll need immediately. Pack an overnight bag with pajamas, clothes for a day or two, and toiletries. Use clear plastic bins for things like cleaning supplies, trash bags, power chargers, and shelf-stable food like cereal for a quick and easy meal.

Use What You’ve Got
Cut down on boxes! Luggage can be used in place of boxes and crates, as can baskets, bins, and laundry hampers. Keep your clothes in the dresser and simply tape the drawers shut. That’s one less thing to unpack!

Organize, Organize, Organize
Nothing is worse than unpacking the moving truck and realizing you don’t know what’s in any of your boxes. If you’re using cardboard boxes, be sure to write which room they’re going into on the top and sides. For plastic bins, use stickers or brightly colored masking tape to denote their destination. To go the extra mile, assign each box a number, and keep track of the number and contents with a grid.

Shrink Your Stuff
Vacuum sealed storage bags are a great way to get a lot of stuff into a little space. They are perfect for out-of-season clothes, bedding and pillows, and coats. Once they’ve been vacuumed, they’ll fit nicely under the bed or into a closet of your choosing until they’re ready to be used.

Call Eden Way
Our favorite tip! If your new home doesn’t have quite as much space as you thought once everything is unpacked, call Eden Way Storage at (757) 413-9050 for a storage space that’s the right size and price for your needs. Your first month’s rent is only $1! The only place that’s more safe, secure, and convenient is your home.