Protecting Your Self-Storage Library

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to read more books? If you prefer print to a digital reading device, you need not worry about space when those hardcovers start to pile up. At Eden Way Storage Center, we’re happy to help anybody who needs extra space for their growing library. We understand some books have sentimental (and literal) value, and it’s difficult to sell them or donate to one of those free library kiosks. This is where having a secure, clean self-storage unit in Chesapeake benefits you.

It’s said there’s no such as too many books, but depending on your living situation you may not have enough room at home. Whether you’re a professor of literature, an entrepreneur selling used books online, or somebody who just loves to read, you can move the lower priority materials in your TBR (that’s “to be read” to the die-hards) into an affordable storage space, then come swap out titles when you’re ready. It’s important, though, to prepare your collection for its long-term stay. While our storage units are climate-controlled and secured to help keep items free of mites and mold, taking an extra step ensures your belongings remain in great condition.

Books: Plastic bins with sealable lids are best for holding your keepsake paperbacks and coffee table books. A tight lid helps to prevent mites from invading your pages. You also want to stack books flat so as not to damage the spine, layering tissue or packing paper between the titles to protect covers.

Newspapers and Magazines: Do you collect papers and periodicals to commemorate specific events? You’ll want to preserve them so the covers don’t crease and the paper doesn’t yellow. Check your nearest office supply store for plastic sleeves. You can then stack your special issues in a non-transparent bin to protect everything from light.

Audio and Video: Records, cassettes, VHS videotapes…remember them? We get that not everybody wants to go 100% digital for their music and home movie entertainment, and some of these things are coming back into vogue. If you don’t have room for all of it, you can keep the extra in storage. Stack records upright in a crate or bin so they don’t warp – you may want to place your rarer possessions in plastic sleeves. Keep tapes in their original packaging or, if you don’t have that, fitted containers before packing them in a box.

Have questions about which size self-storage unit is right for your library? Contact us today and see if you’re eligible for any of our discounts.