Safety and Self-Storage

We at Eden Way Storage Center wish you a safe and happy summer. With schools out for the season and thoughts of summer activities and college prep topmost on people’s minds, we expect to see much activity at our facility. It reminds us that June is National Safety Month, too, and when you do come to your Chesapeake self-storage unit to place or retrieve items, we hope it’s an uneventful task.

If you are renting self-storage for the first time, summer is a good season to look because it’s a time of transition. People tend to move in summer when there’s no school, so you may be able to find the right-sized unit for your needs. As you search and prepare to move items into storage, remember a few safety precautions to help give you peace of mind:

Have an inventory list on hand. When life gets busy, we can’t always rely on our memories. Did we put that Important Thing in storage or is it in the garage? As you prepare your belongings for your unit, make a physical list of everything going in. That way you can consult your inventory before you make a trip out only to discover what you need isn’t in your unit. A list is also good to keep for insurance purposes.

Invest in a good lock. Many storage facilities, like ours, will offer a secure lock as part of the rental agreement. If you need to supply your own, do not scrimp on this expense. The lock is what keeps your unit doors secure, so purchase a heavy duty lock that will fit.

Use padding! Bubble wrap and fabric paddings are essential for packing objects, even if they will sit in boxes and bins indefinitely. Objects can shift in transit, and if you are packing glass for storage you don’t want to risk damage. You definitely don’t want to reach into a bin out of storage and get cut, either. Wrap everything fragile as you pack.

Dress appropriately for the job. Closed-toe shoes, pants for easy bending and lifting, and gloves are best when moving stuff in and out of storage. Avoid too-loose clothes that might snag easily on a door or rack as you move around.

Enlist help for heavier objects. Don’t do it all yourself! Some big items may only look manageable for one person, but if you put the stress of a heavy weight on your back and legs you may not be able to finish the job. Get help for the big stuff.

Have other questions about self-storage in Chesapeake? Looking for a unit to rent? Contact Eden Way Storage Center for more information and to see if you qualify for our $1 first month’s rent discount.