Secure Your Hobbies With Self-Storage

Did you take up a new interest in 2020 while you stayed at home? Hobbies like knitting, woodworking and music have a way of helping us express creativity, and they can encourage us to stay positive when life presents challenges. January is National Hobby Month — if you do not have one to enjoy in your spare moments, this is a great time to consider one.

Depending on your chosen pastime, space at home may come at a premium, so if you do not have a spare room reserved specifically for your hobby, self-storage can help.

Eden Way Storage Center provides clean, climate-controlled storage units with easy access for tenants. Different-sized units can accommodate inventory for simple to involved hobbies that might transform into a side business or career. Some examples of hobbies that benefit from this extra space include:

Furniture Restoration: Antique tables, chairs, and dressers in need of TLC look great in any home after repair. Before, however, they may look more like clutter that gets in the way. With self-storage, you can keep waiting projects safe from harm and retrieve them when it’s time to renovate.

Knitting & Crochet: So many yarn colors, so little time. It’s amazing to see what one can create with two needles or a crochet hook, but over time the handmade sweaters and afghans pile up. Whether you are holding onto until Christmas or plan to sell, self-storage can hold your finished products or extra supplies.

Photography: We know most pictures these days are probably taken with phones, but photography as a hobby can involve use of large equipment. Umbrella lights, backdrops, tripod stands, and other gear should be stored safely to prevent damage and/or theft. A self-storage unit with top-notch security can offer you peace of mind.

Have questions about Chesapeake self-storage options? Contact us today to learn more and to inquire about available units and to see if you qualify for our first month’s rent for $1 special.