Self-Storage and the Cross-Country Move

cross country moveAs we are based in the Hampton Roads area, we are familiar with the cross-country move. Many of our customers come from all over the country, and some overseas, due to military transfers and work-related moves. It’s exciting to relocate to a new city, whether it’s a hundred or a thousand miles away, though the actual process is fraught with headaches. It’s why we do our best to assist customers so their transition from their old home to Hampton Roads happens as smoothly as possible.

If you are based in another military town and you found us while researching your upcoming move to the area, welcome! Chesapeake is a great area for families. There are many activities to enjoy here, and you’re close to Virginia Beach. You may already have a head start on preparing for your move, but if you’re unsure of what to do and how self-storage can help, here are few tips to consider.

Research Your Options. Wherever your job or the service sends you, it’s recommended to find a self-storage facility close to your new neighborhood. If you haven’t yet purchased or rented your home, look for a facility that’s easy to find and conveniently located, like near an interstate or major highway. If you need to move a bit at a time – transferring furniture and other items gradually while you tie up loose ends at home – you can use self-storage to keep your belongings safe until you find your new house or apartment.

Set Your Budget. It costs money to move, and maybe your company is paying for it but won’t reimburse you until after it’s done. If that’s the case, you need to figure out your self-storage costs ahead of time. Some facilities (like ours) offer discounts to first-time customers and other demographics, like military members. Shop around, take note of how long you’ll need storage and the overall cost, then make the reservations.

Determine the Right Size. If some items will ship ahead of you, you want to rent the right unit size so you don’t pay for space you don’t need. Check with the storage facility at your destination to determine the unit you should rent, and make sure they have room to accommodate the van or truck arriving to unload your property. If you aren’t personally taking your things to the unit, and have enlisted a friend or family member or an assistant, make sure you check with the facility. They may need clearance before they are allowed to access your unit.

If you’re moving to the Chesapeake area here’s something to consider: Eden Way Storage offers use of a moving truck for free to our customers. Once you have found a place to live, we’ll make it easy for you to transfer your property out of storage into your new home. Call us today at 757-413-9050 for information on specials and availability.