Self-Storage for Writers

Have you ever wanted to write a book? It’s a dream for many people; all one needs is an idea and the time to do it. Every November, aspiring scribes around the country participate in the National Novel Writing Month challenge, the goal being fifty thousand words written over thirty days. Amateur writers and published authors alike get involved; it’s a fun event designed to stimulate creativity.

What does novel writing have to do with self-storage? Clean, climate-controlled storage space can come in handy for writers of any level, from the part-time poet to the distinguished scholar. If you do not have a dedicated room at home for writing, chances are you may be short on space at home to keep related belongings. With a self-storage unit, you’ll find it easy to organize your work, leaving you less stress and more time to concentrate on what’s important.

As a tool for the writer, self-storage is useful for keeping:

Files and manuscripts – If you’re the type to save every printed draft, every note, and miscellaneous paperwork for contract and tax purposes, they’ll be safe in a dry, clean facility.

Books – Often when you write, you need to read up on certain subjects. An abundance of books may prove claustrophobic at home; self-storage allows to keep part of your library close at hand.

Surplus computer equipment – It never hurts to have a backup, even in the digital age. Store hard drives and other electronic equipment holding copies of yours masterpieces.

Promotional equipment – When you’re ready for signings and conventions, you’ll need banners and tables and other signage to gain attention. Don’t risk damage to your printed copies or author swag in an overcrowded closet or damp basement!

If you take on the NaNo writing challenge this month and win, congratulations! Don’t worry about editing just yet, you have all of December for that. If you have questions about renting a Chesapeake self-storage unit, Eden Way Storage Center is here to help. Contact us today and see if you’re eligible for our available discounts and specials.