Self Storage is Self-Care

September is National Self-Care Awareness Month. It should go without saying that many of us likely need it after this past year, but self-care is important to consider regardless of your situation. Whether self-care to you means enjoying a walk along the beach or settling in your favorite chair with a book, we hope you are able to make time for yourself.

So, what does self-care have to do with self-storage, aside from using “self” in the description? Even a small unit works as a helpful tool in keeping your mind clear and your home life happy. Here’s how.

More space puts a smile on your face. Over the past year, many of us moved work into the home. It no doubt necessitated rearranging furniture for “office space,” and perhaps buying more things for the job. These days, if you are transitioning back to a commute or on a hybrid schedule you might notice the house is looking crowded. While you contemplate whether or not to sell or donate the excess, give yourself time and take back your space by putting the extras in a storage unit.

Security brings peace of mind. Knowing your belongings live in a safe place can clear your head and allow you to concentrate on other tasks. When choosing a self-storage facility, look for climate-controlled units, gated or secure entry, and solid locks on the doors. Your valuables will be there when you need them, giving you time to relax and see to your personal needs.

Self-storage saves on wear and tear. How does self-storage save on money, if you’re investing money in the space? Think about it. When items are damaged from sitting in a musty basement or garage, or they fall in crowded closets, you have to replace what’s broken. Storage gives your valuables a safe spot, and you have more room at home. You decrease the risk of damage and in turn save money in the long run. 

Take care of yourself, and your furnishings, this month and every month with secure Chesapeake self-storage. Contact us today for information on available units, and see if you qualify for a first month’s rent for $1 special or our military discount.