Self-Storage Resolutions for 2022

January is almost over. Have you kept to any of the resolutions you’ve made? Have you made any resolutions for 2022? With changes to the way we work and live come changes to the pledges we make. If you foresee such a change in your future, there’s a chance Chesapeake self-storage can help you.

That said, it’s never too late or too early to resolve yourself to improvements. In fact, self-storage may be able to help you achieve some of the items on your list. Here are a few ideas that come to mind:

  • Sort through your clothes and set aside what no longer fits, and is still in good condition, for donation. Set aside seasonal clothing for transfer to your self-storage unit.
  • Prepare a recycle or shred bin of old papers, magazines, discarded mail, and other expired paperwork. Getting rid of this type of clutter early in the year can help you become better organized later.
  • Evaluate your current self-storage inventory. Does anything need to be donated, sold, or thrown away? Storage units are helpful for keeping items in a temporary space, but sometimes it’s good to clear away the clutter there, too.
  • Rearrange what’s in your self-storage unit right now for better access. The purpose of self-storage is not only to hold items in a safe place, but to help make life easier. If you have to constantly move boxes to get to what you need, it’s important to properly store what you have in there.
  • Replace storage boxes that appear worn down. If you’re using cardboard boxes for certain items, this may be a good time to transfer that stuff into a clear bin with a sealable lid. This can help you identify items when you next visit your unit. It’s well worth the investment!

Eden Way Storage Center is here to help with your Chesapeake self-storage needs. Contact us today for more information on unit availability, and to see if you qualify for our $1 first month rent special or a military discount.