Short-Term Storage Solutions for Summer Break

We’ve noticed traffic around town has increased, and that’s usually the first sign of summer coming to Hampton Roads. If the cars aren’t full of tourists on the way to the beach, they’re carrying young people heading home from college…staying long enough to drop off dirty laundry before going to the beach. If you’re the parent of a child in college, we hope you enjoy the time together as a family. We also want to remind you that extra people at home for the next few months doesn’t mean you have to feel crowded.

Every family is different. Depending on the distance between your house and the university, you may have decided to utilize your child’s room for other purposes – like home storage – while they are away. Your returning sophomore or junior may also have invested quite a bit in dorm decor, which all has to come home until fall. You may not yet be ready to displace older furniture, clothing, or other belongings while your child settles in for the summer, either. Where do you put everything?

Self-storage is an excellent solution for families with college-age children. If you know to expect the kids to return for the long break, you can benefit from renting a unit in these ways:

It’s a small price to pay for space, seriously. When you think about the average size of a dorm room, and the likelihood your child shares the space, it’s safe to bet all the college belongings will fit into the smallest size unit a facility offers. Eden Way Storage Center offers a 5×5 storage unit to accommodate inventory for a small room or office, and this size would definitely work for your college student. The price for a two- to three-month rental won’t break the bank, either.

Everything’s in one place. Rent a unit before your child comes home, and you can deliver the goods directly to the facility without making an extra trip. This way, you know for certain your child’s college belongings are in one place and won’t get mixed up with furniture or clothing that stays home.

There’s no need to worry. Self-storage is a secure option for anyone with extra items that need safekeeping. By renting a unit, even temporarily, you don’t need to worry about re-arranging your home’s layout only to move everything back when your child returns to classes.

If you have children coming home from college for the summer, prepare now by inquiring about available self-storage units for rent in Chesapeake. Spend less time stepping over boxes and worrying about extra baggage and more time with your kids. Call us today at 757-413-9050.