Staycation Storage Projects

Summer is in full swing! If you’re planning a staycation this year, it’s the perfect time to get a handle on your family’s summer storage needs. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Outdoor Toy Storage
Toys get everywhere – it’s just what they do. Trying to stop kids from leaving a trail of toys in their wake is a bit of a losing battle, but having a proper place for outdoor toys can help keep the mess at a minimum. Designate large buckets or baskets for different kinds of toys – balls, chalk, pool toys – and put the containers on sturdy shelves in the garage.

Garage Organizer
Is your tool space getting a little unruly? There’s an easy fix for that! Paint peg boards in whatever color you like, then install them on an empty wall. Using differently sized hooks and nails, make spaces for each tool. To avoid mix-ups, label each space with a permanent marker or paint pen.

Barbecue Heaven
Every grill master knows that a tidy space makes the tastiest food! Add a lattice panel to the outside of a standard bar cart. Hang tongs, spatulas, and brushes off of hooks on the panel, then use the bottom surface of the cart as a storage space for cutting boards and the top surface as a work space. Best of all, it’s easy to cover up or roll away in case of rain.

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