Tips For Re-Organizing Your Unit

However long you’ve had a self-storage unit — a few months, a few years — it’s good to set aside at least one day a year to visit when you don’t need to retrieve or deliver inventory. Your self-storage unit is an extension of your home in some ways, and just as you would clean out a closet to make it more accessible, it’s helpful to do the same with the space you rent.

Is it time to clean out your storage unit? Ask yourself these questions the next time you visit.

  1. Will you keep everything currently in the unit? The holidays are upon us, and self-storage comes in handy when you need to keep decorations and light displays in a safe place. You may also receive gifts — upgrades to sporting equipment and outdoor furniture currently tucked away for winter. If you expect to need more space in the future and aren’t ready to move to a larger unit, it helps to be proactive and remove or donate what you don’t plan to keep.
  2. How are your storage boxes holding up? Repeated visits to your unit mean you’re opening and re-sealing the same bins and boxes. A clean, climate-controlled unit can help keep your belongings safe, but cardboard boxes do wear over time. With a new year approaching, this is a good time to evaluate which containers need to be replaced.
  3. What will you take home next? Self-storage is commonly used to hold seasonal items, not just holiday decorations. If you’ve scheduled a visit to retrieve your Christmas tree, think ahead to spring and what you’ll need then when you return. Use part of your next visit to rearrange your unit so your spring items are up front and easy to reach, saving you time.

For other questions about Chesapeake self-storage, Eden Way Storage Center is here to help. Contact us today for information on available units, and to see if you qualify for our first month’s rent for $1 special.