Tips For Packing Your Library For Storage

Whether you plan to downsize your home, are in the process of moving, or just want to clear away unused items, self-storage is a viable and affordable solution. Renting a storage unit for a month or longer allows you to place your belongings in a safe, climate-controlled facility. It’s a good option if your life is in flux and you’re not certain when you will be able to unpack your things for home access. If you own a lot a books, you may be concerned if they will hold up well packed away. Self-storage of your personal library is one way to ensure your books are not damaged.

If you plan to box up your extra books to stow away, here are a few tips to ensure your library remains protected.

1) Determine what stays and what goes. This is important, especially if you continue to consult certain books on occasion. I typically go by the year rule when packing things – if I haven’t used it in more than a year, it gets stored. Cookbooks and manuals, for two, are more likely to be used regularly, so you will want to keep those on hand.

2) Use sturdy packaging. Whether you intend to pack newer books or antiques, you want to use good boxes that will keep your property dry and free from bugs and debris. Cardboard boxes are acceptable, as are plastic pins, just make sure they seal well.

3) Don’t load up too many heavy books. Remember, you have to haul these books to and from storage, so be mindful when you pack. You don’t want to load up all the heavy textbooks in one place and risk injury carting that box! Survey the books going into storage, then divide the sizes equally.

4) Pack books flat. You may be able to get more books in a box if you stack them spine upward. However, laying books flat in a box is better for the spines. If you have valuable books and keepsakes, pack them flat so the spines won’t crack.

5) Choose a self-storage facility with climate-control. Moderate temperatures are best for keeping books so they do not mildew. As you search for a storage unit, inquire about climate control and other procedures done to keep units clean and well-circulated.

6) Stack carefully. You will want to stack boxes to make room in your unit, but be mindful that the anchor boxes are able to support the rest.

With your library packed and stored, you can rest assured that your books are kept safe to enjoy in the future.