Your Top Storage Questions Answered

At Eden Way Storage Center, we want to ensure your experience with Chesapeake self-storage is positive and helpful. We understand our customers have different situations. Be it a military transfer, a life change that requires a move, or a temporary solution for keeping your valuables safe, we’re here to help.

That said, we get many questions about self-storage here, and to make things easier for those of you still considering a unit rental, we have provided this short Q&A. Mind you, we talk about the basics of self-storage here. For questions about pricing and discounts and availability, you should contact us directly, because those answers are always subject to change. For now, though, here’s what we can tell you:

What Can I Keep In a Self-Storage Unit?

This is an easy one, because self-storage is designed to keep practically anything and everything safe. You can store everything from seasonal clothing to entire rooms of furniture, bicycles and beach items, household appliances like a washer and dryer set, and even a car or boat. With larger items like vehicles, though, you should prepare them for storage properly so they remain in optimal condition when you retrieve them. 

What Should I Not Keep in a Unit?

When you connect with a self-storage facility you may receive a list of items ineligible for inclusion. Examples of definite “no’s” include drugs, firearms and explosives, and anything flammable and/or corrosive, like aerosol cans, propane tanks, and loose car batteries. It should go without saying, but you also shouldn’t keep perishable foods or live items in storage – plants that require food and water, and no animals!

What Size Storage Unit Is Best?

This depends mainly on what you have to store. If you’re leaving a car or boat with us, we have special units that accommodate large vehicles. Other units are designed to hold enough items and furniture for either a room or for a house. To ensure you’re getting the right storage for the money, we invite you to study our available unit sizes and what they can hold.

What Is the Best Way to Pack a Storage Unit?

We recommend arranging your items in such a way that the things you think you’ll retrieve first are easily accessible. If you have a sofa or mattress you know you won’t need for a few years, you should store that in the back and leave room up front for seasonal items. If you intend to visit your unit regularly – maybe more than once a month – it’s recommended to stack items in a way that gives you walking room.

Can I Stay in My Unit?

It seems funny that we have to answer this, but look around the Internet and you’ll find stories of people discovered living their self-storage units! This is not legal. A storage unit is not designed to function as an efficiency. Also, since our facility closes daily there are security issues to consider. If you rent a unit with us, you may visit your storage space during regular business hours to add items or retrieve them. You can contact us to inquire about our holiday hours, too.