Truck Tips for National Moving Month

May is National Moving Month. Late spring is a time of transition for people in Chesapeake. High school graduates are preparing to leave for college, college students are moving home for the summer, and leases across the city are up for renewal. It’s common to want to move before the weather is too hot, which means now is the time to plan if such a transition is in your future. One important task before moving involves finding the right transportation for your stuff.

At Eden Way Storage Center, one of the benefits tenants receive is use of our moving truck. We offer this so people can transport their belongings to our facility without worrying about wear and tear on their own vehicles. Plus, a good-size truck allows you to make fewer trips to and from home. 

How you pack a moving truck also determines how many trips you may need to take, especially if you’re planning to put an entire apartment of furniture and other items into a self-storage unit. To ensure that you maximize your truck space, keep these tips in mind:

Pack the large items first. Heavy furniture like dressers and bureaus, kitchen appliances, and trunks should go before anything else. You will make multiple trips in and out of the truck as you put things in storage, and it’s easier on the body to go small to large when you unpack.

Stack and cover. Long items like sofas are useful to hold smaller objects provided they are secured. You may want to cover couches and other furniture after packing to avoid damage during the drive. Use your good judgment as you stack items.

Label everything. When moving from house to house, you label boxes so you know where they belong. This rule should apply to moving boxes into storage. When it’s time to take a box out of storage, you want to collect the right one rather than inspect everything in your unit. Labeling boxes properly saves time in the long run. 

Lastly, when you are ready to rent a Chesapeake self-storage unit, call Eden Way Storage Center for availability. You may even qualify for a military discount or our first month’s rent for $1 special!