Video Game Storage Tips

What’s your favorite video game? Do you enjoy creating new worlds through The Sims or Minecraft? Maybe you prefer the old school games of skill like Pac-Man or Centipede?

Mario or Luigi? Call of Duty or Residential Evil?

Whatever you enjoy playing, this is the perfect day to kick back with your favorite console and relax. September 12th is National Video Games Day, a celebration of all our favorite 2D characters and their animated adventures.

So, what does playing video games have to do with self-storage? If there comes a time you need to pack up your consoles and other equipment, a climate-controlled, secure unit is the ideal place. As home consoles become more sophisticated, you may be tempted to upgrade yet reluctant to give away your current player. They’re not cheap, and even if you plan to sell old units you want to make sure it’s in good working condition. Closet or attic storage is a solution, but it’s not always the best one.

Temperature can have an impact on electronic equipment. While storing older game consoles in an attic, basement or garage keeps everything within reach, lack of air conditioning could affect the performance and value of your old Nintendo or Playstation. If you need to put away your gaming system, invest in clean storage containers (you may find some specifically designed for your equipment) that will keep dust and mites away and protect from damage. Keep game cartridges in their original casing or a zippered carrying case. You can set up a rack in your storage unit to hold your gaming systems until it’s time to sell or reuse following a move or home renovation.

Self-storage is an investment designed to protect what you own while keeping your home free of clutter. If you have questions about renting a Chesapeake self-storage unit, you can call us at 757-413-9050.