What Seasoned Self-Storage Tenants Wished They Knew

Self-storage is designed to offer tenants easy access to space for extra belongings. When your home starts to feel cluttered, it’s good to have the option of a climate-controlled unit in a secure facility. Eden Way Storage Center in Chesapeake offers peace of mind to everybody keeping their inventory on-site.

That said, ask anyone who’s rented a unit in the past, and you may hear some advice. Every has a Monday morning moment, when they consider steps they should have taken at the beginning of the journey. If you are considering self-storage for the first time, it helps to learn from those who have stored items for years.

What do our seasoned tenants wish they had done in the beginning?

Double-check the unit size needed. When renting a unit, size is an important consideration. It’s perfectly fine to have space left over when you move your belongings, because you might need the room later on. Renting a unit that ends up being too small for what you have to store could cause you some headaches.

Label everything. Even if you’re using transparent plastic bins, you want to apply labels. Don’t rely on memory when filling bins for storage. In time, you’ll need to return to your unit for something specific, and you don’t want to waste time opening multiple lids until you find it.

Plan the move. Trips to and from the storage facility happen spontaneously sometimes. The big move, however, should be well coordinated between you and the people helping you move. It’s also important to gauge the busy traffic times in the area so you don’t spend more time moving boxes and other items into your unit than is necessary.

Take advantage of amenities. If your facility offers use of a moving truck, use it! Avoid wear and tear on your own car, not to mention multiple trips to the facility, when a moving truck can help you with the job.

Need more help preparing for self-storage? Don’t forget to ask about discounts, like our $1 for the first month’s rent. Contact Eden Way Storage Center today for more information and for current availability.