What You Can Store

What comes to mind when you hear the words “self-storage?” Maybe you picture a space filled floor to ceiling with cardboard boxes, unlabeled and containing mystery items. Maybe, too, you think of a reality show where people bid on an abandoned unit, hoping to find treasure. To the average person, a self-storage unit exists to hold extra belongings that don’t quite fit at home. Truly this is the purpose, to keep your possessions free from weather damage, but consider the actual benefits.

Self-storage eases the burden on your home, particularly the spaces where you stuff objects you don’t use day-to-day. Your attic, basement and closets will wear eventually from overuse. While it’s good to have the space at home that you can easily access, you want your home to work efficiently for you. Too many belongings can contribute to stress and even injury if you find you have to constantly move boxes and crates to get to one specific thing.

As summer reaches its peak, your home may feel the effects. Basement and attic space retains heat, and in turn could cause damage to whatever is stored there. This is the time to think about supplementing your home storage space with an off-site, climate controlled unit in a secure facility. 

What goes into Chesapeake self-storage? 

  • Seasonal items – winter inventory stays stored in the summer, and vice versa
  • Extra clothing – attire you don’t wish to consign or donate, but aren’t ready to wear
  • Travel equipment – tents for camping, bike racks, extra luggage and other things you take on trips
  • Sporting equipment – Golf clubs, skis, and other specific implements used during a specific season
  • Extra furniture – Chairs and tables that don’t quite fit at home can stay in storage until you need them

When you rent a self-storage unit at Eden Way Storage Center, you’re taking good care of your belongings. Our climate controlled units are clean and safe, and we are on hand to help you find the right unit for your needs. You may even qualify for a discount, one dollar for the first month’s rent or discounts for qualified military. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer.