Why Do You Need Storage?

Big decisions are made in summer. This is mainly because the majority of people have more time off and more freedom to travel or remain at home if needed. Schools are closed, and some businesses may see a seasonal lull before it gets busier. It’s not uncommon, for example, to see people moving to new cities or homes in summertime because the hard work is done before classes resume and business ramps up for the holidays. If self-storage plays a role in any major decision, it’s good to know all the facts.

Do you need self-storage? Chances are you do, depending on the circumstances. The reason may not be completely evident to you yet, but at some point in our lives it becomes necessary to take stock of our belongings, and those of others, and determine their fate. Self-storage provides a solution for those who need time to properly decide whether to sell or keep certain things.

Why do you need self-storage? Do any of the following situations apply to you?

  • Changes at home – Have children grown and moved away? Do you have college-aged children transitioning from home to dorms, but aren’t quite leaving the nest? Perhaps grown children or elderly parents are moving back into your home, or you’ve decided to downsize because you no longer require a large house. 
  • Changes in work – Many self-starters have risen in the past few years. If you have decided to strike out on your own with a business, do you need more space at home? Do you need a place to hold products for future shipping?
  • Changes where you live – Moving can be rough, but self-storage provides a nice buffer if you need time to transition from one place to another. If a new home isn’t ready yet, or you’re not ready to transport your belongings from one city to the next, self-storage keeps everything safe.
  • The need for space – Maybe you’re fine to stay at home, but you simply want more space. You don’t want to get rid of everything you own, but use things as needed. Self-storage is ideal to hold seasonal items, occasional belongings and extras.

If any or all apply to you, climate-controlled self-storage in Chesapeake may provide solutions for your clutter or surplus inventory issues. At Eden Way Storage Center, we’ve served families and military personnel in Chesapeake by providing the right-sized units for your their needs. Have a question about available units? Contact us today.