Before You Upgrade Your Unit

If you find your home is lately feeling cluttered, it’s usually a sign to consider renting a self-storage unit in Chesapeake to take some of the burden. Let’s say, though, that you already have self-storage space. Do you need to upgrade to a larger unit?

Before you make that decision, you will want to consider all the factors. Moving to a larger unit requires time and planning, and you need to answer a few questions before you determine it’s right for you and your family. 

Current Storage Inventory

Some people visit their storage units at least once a month. Some may come seasonally to retrieve and store items, while others let a few years pass before they come for a look. Self-storage suits many needs, and the best way to determine if your current unit is still working for you is to evaluate what you’re storing. 

Inspect everything in your current unit. Do you still need the surplus furniture, the boxes of clothes, the sports equipment? You might find some of what you stored is better off sold or donated, thereby giving you room to add newer items. If this is the case you may be able to use your current unit longer.

Changes in Budget

Moving to a larger unit means you’ll pay more a month. These days it seems everything has a monthly fee attached to it–streaming services, online subscriptions and more. When it comes to self-storage, though, the bump in price may not be too much. If you decide to upgrade to a larger unit, make sure you budget in the increase.

Are Units Available?

Naturally, you may wish to stay within the same facility to save time and wear and tear. If you’re seriously considering an upgrade, check to see if you can first. If no units are available, you then have the option to pare down your current inventory or put yourself on a waiting list for a vacancy (if your facility has one).

Eden Way Storage Center is proud to serve Chesapeake with quality self-storage. We offer a variety of climate-controlled units for storing everything from furniture for small apartments to motorcycles and cars. Contact us today for current availability and see if you qualify for our $1 first month‘s rent discount.