Commercial Self-Storage

A commercial self-storage is a unit that is used for your business needs rather than for storing your personal items. With a commercial self-storage, you have the ability to adjust the amount of space whenever you need it. Rent more storage units when you need more space, rent less when you need less, and save money by paying only for the space that you use.

Not everyone knows that a storage unit can be used as a commercial self-storage. Getting extra space for your business just got easier, and with temperature controlled storage at Chesapeake Storage Center you are getting a safe and secure warehouse for your business without paying extra.

Free features with commercial self-storage rental in Chesapeake:

  • Climate controlled storage – The temperature in your storage unit is controlled year round without a need to pay extra.
  • 24-hour security – Your storage unit is monitored 24 hours a day. We offer full monitoring of your belongings for no extra charge. Your commercial goods will be safe and secure with computer-controlled gates, doors and elevators, allowing only current tenants and authorized employees with a code to enter.
  • Online bill pay – Pay your bill online when you rent a self-storage in Chesapeake. Rent a commercial self-storage unit completely online, and make your payments online as well.

Contact our Chesapeake self-storage center with all your questions regarding commercial self-storage and other storage options for your business.