Need Self-Storage Now? Do This First

Self-storage provides convenience to homeowners and renters at all stages of life. It’s there when you need extra space to keep furniture and clothing used seasonally, and it’s handy to have during transitions like family additions or moving to another house. 

Sometimes, the need to leave a home or condo comes at short notice. Maybe you’ve been offered a new job or you’re in the military and are being transferred to another base. It’s a challenge to vacate a home in a short time frame, and you may require space for staging and gradually moving your belongings. Renting a unit from a nearby self-storage facility can provide the room needed to meet any moving deadlines.

That said, it could also mean that you have to find a suitable storage unit, like, yesterday. Finding the right sized unit for your belongings takes time, but what if you don’t have any?

When shopping around for self-storage, it’s important to look for the amenities that protect your surplus furniture, clothing, and sports equipment. Before you jump on the first available unit in your area, check for the following:


Should you rent a unit close to home, near your new residence, or somewhere in between? Where you store items is important as it helps determine how and when you need to move your stuff.

Climate Control

Climate-controlled units are better equipped to protect your belongings. If you are storing delicate items, or wooden furniture or specific fabrics, climate control helps maintain their integrity.


Not every self-storage facility offers 24/7 access. If it’s more convenient for you to access your unit after hours, make sure you can get in!

Truck Rentals

Take advantage of a facility that offers truck service with rentals. This puts less wear and tear on your own vehicles. You may be able to move items in fewer trips.

Payment Options

The ability to pay online, or automate monthly payments, gives you peace of mind and allows you to move seamlessly.

Whether you need a Chesapeake self-storage unit in a month, or in the coming week, it’s good to be prepared. At Eden Way Storage Center, our staff is here to help you with all of your storage needs. Contact us today for availability. You may qualify for our $1 for the first month’s rent special.