Plan Ahead for Self-Storage

The decision to rent a self-storage unit tends to occur because of urgency. Your house is crowded with extra furniture and you need a place to put it. You sustain some damage at home after a hurricane and must put things away while you repair or renovate. You’re moving at short notice. These are just some examples that inspire a last minute search for storage in Chesapeake.

At Eden Way Storage Center, we are happy to accommodate people with a critical need for extra space. We are also here to help people who may not be ready to rent space at the moment.

You may think self-storage isn’t in your future, but there are signs to watch for. Let’s look at a few.

Unexpected Changes

Nobody plans to become ill or get involved in an accident. After it happens, you may have to use special equipment while you recover. When you no longer need it, Storage can keep it safe until such a time you require it again. Storage also comes in handy when you need to move furniture out of the house to make way for ADA-compliant equipment.

Family Matters

Think ahead when you have kids. As they grow, anticipate changes in furniture and hobbies. Even an investment in a small unit like a 5×5 space can give you room to breathe and a place to put cribs and toys until you decide to sell or keep for the next child.

Consequently, if you are the only child and your parents must come to live with you when they are elderly, you know to expect that day to come. Self-storage is a viable option for holding heirloom furniture and valuables until you decide what stays in the family and what you intend to sell.

The Big Purchase

Looking to store an antique car? Call Eden Way Storage Center!

If you’ve dreamed of owning an antique car or a boat, but it’s not feasible to keep them on your property, you’ll need to factor storage into your budget as you shop around. At Eden Way Storage Center, we have units capable of holding automobiles and power boats. We are happy to discuss monthly rates with you and determine if you are eligible for military discounts.

Have questions about renting a Chesapeake self-storage unit? Call us today at 757-413-9050.