Post-Holiday Storage Tips

Christmas lights in boxes on floorThe New Year is approaching fast, meaning that it’s getting closer and closer to a New Year’s resolution, and for those holiday decorations to finally come down. Taking down lights, trees, and all the other decorations can be just as stressful as putting them up, so make it easier for yourself by following these storage tips.

Keep lights tangle-free

A tangled mess of lights can really put a damper on your holiday spirit for the next year. Give yourself a break by wrapping lights around a flat piece of cardboard. This will ensure your lights don’t become intertwined, making a knotty mess. That flat piece of cardboard can also help you when it comes to storing garlands.

Labeling saves time

Label, label, label! Save yourself some time from trying to navigate from box to box looking for all of your “Living Room Decorations” that are scattered in about ten different boxes. Labeling will save you time and sanity because you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for without dealing with a never-ending quest. If you have decorations that are supposed to go in certain rooms/areas then put them all in the same box, or boxes, and label them for that area.

Recycle your tissue paper

Ornaments and other holiday decor can be expensive, so it only makes sense that you’re protecting them so they can see another holiday season. Reusing your old tissue paper can help protect your decorations. Wrapping paper and newspaper are other great alternatives to protecting your fragile holiday decorations, just in case there isn’t enough tissue paper to do the job.

Don’t stress about space and put all of your holiday decorations in a climate controlled storage unit! Protect your artificial tree, wreaths and other holiday valuables from being ruined from moisture that could be lurking in your garage or basement. Eden Way Storage Center offers an array of different units that are climate controlled to ensure your possessions don’t get ruined.